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8th Street – Miami South Beach – OyOy’s Place

My PAT Studio is on Eighth Street in South Beach, Miami.  I have to check exactly how many blocks long the street is, but I guess it is about 10 or 12. At the east end is of course the beach and Ocean Drive, and at the west end is Biscayne Bay overlooking the skyline of downtown Miami.

I’ve decided to put together some images of the places and locations along this street that I and my teams, clients and models walk along for our shoots.  I’ll add to this every now and then as I prepare the images.

More images after the jump.



South Beach Property – Real Estate Photography Services

An express service for real estate agents, brokers and property owners or managers.  These express services are offered at these prices on  Miami-South Beach (Miami Beach south of 25th Street) .  We regularly are called on to photograph properties as part of the advertising photography location, scouting and production services we offer to our clients.  Real estate professionals have asked us to photograph their other listings or for locations that might be suitable for productions, so this real estate photography service has been formally put together.

Service Order

Services Descriptions

Basic $25

This is most suitable for an empty apartment or condo unit.  Exterior of the building, entry and a variety of interior images. 10 final  images delivered.

Upgraded $50

Expanding on the traditional photographs in the Basic option, further images to showcase ‘mood’ and ‘style’ of the property.  This is also suitable for an empty single family home or equivalent. 20 final images delivered.

Deluxe $100

Photographic lighting will be brought in to better and more evenly illuminate interior details. This is normally the best option when the property is furnished. 30 final images delivered.

Luxury (by quote)

High end properties requiring careful planning and often multiple visits to capture day, evening and interior design details are quoted based on the needs of your advertising or design team.

Further options:

Add a model – female or male in lifestyle settings to showcase the property, or if the property is empty to help illustrate ‘scale’.

Brochures and flyers – give us your template and we will deliver your images formatted and sized for your sales materials and flyers.  Options range from onsite low end flyers to complete sales brochures.

NOTE:  Images are delivered in digital JPG format to the Email address specified on the Service Order above, and within a few days of order.  Rush service is available for a small extra fee. Payment is by credit or debit card or PayPal.