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New Faces

OyOy shoots New Faces in a Test Shoot
OyOy shoots New Faces in a Test Shoot

OyOy shoots New Faces in a Test Shoot

Model agencies around the world move at a frantic pace with teams of scouts working round the globe sourcing new models – “New Faces” – every day. Powerhouse model management agencies have a proven track record and the power to propel new faces into stardom with their combination of scouting, development, and business regimens.

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Behind the Scenes of a Fashion Week

Casting and Fitting
Casting and Fitting

Behind the Scenes at Fashion Week: Fitting (casting in the background)

There are few words in the fashion lexicon that evoke as many glamorous thoughts and dreams as the word ‘Runway.’ This post is put together especially for new models or emerging designers who would like to understand how a typical fashion week is organized.

During “Fashion Week” in any market large or small,  all the players in the various teams involved in the world of fashion come together in glorious pandemonium.

Designers, model agencies, photographers (still and video), wholesale retail chain and boutique buyers, fashion and other magazine editors, models, makeup artists, hair stylists, wardrobe stylists, publicists, advertising agencies, DJs and audiovisual specialists, production companies, … as well as fashionistas and everyone who follows and loves the fashion industry – an endless list –  but EVERYONE is there.

See – and read – lots more about a fashion week both behind the scenes as well as on the runway after the jump, including a FAQ section at the end where the most frequent questions about this blog posting are answered.


Model Scouting Photosessions by OyOy

Miami Beach photographer OyOy in the PAT Studio Miami-South Beach
Miami Beach photographer OyOy in the PAT Studio Miami-South Beach

Fashion photographer OyOy photographs Wilhelmina model Muriel Villera

OyOy regularly shoots Model Scouting Photosessions in Miami-South Beach to enable new and working models to gain or expand exposure in the modeling industry – either to arrange representation or expand the model’s client base.

In a simple and streamlined format, models or prospective models have a pro photoshoot with hair and makeup.  Read more about the session after the jump.


Professional Model Test Shoots by OyOy

Test Shoot for Wilhelmina Miami model Muriel Villar
Test Shoot for Wilhelmina Miami model Muriel Villar

Image from OyOy’s Test Shoot with Bella Agency New York model Muriel Villar

While I or any commercial fashion photographer prefer that when we pick up the camera we are shooting garments/accessories for a client, an element of our work is “Test” shooting. In a “Test Shoot” the client is the model (the model’s agency if represented) – rather than a designer.  The shoot is just as important as for a designer, but the needs and objectives are very different.

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Book a Test or Photoshoot with OyOy

Models interested to set up a test shoot with OyOy can complete this form.  You can also go here to read about test shooting for professional models.

If you are applying for a casting open to freelance or direct booking, you should go to this post.

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Please Look at Me! Open Call for Creative and Alternative Models of ALL Types

Sometimes model creative talent needs to be heard to be discovered.  This is an Open Call for all kinds of creative shoots as well as models who are overflowing with creative ideas and truly love being a model.

Modeling is an art form – this is well understood by all the pro’s in the business, but also by those very passionate with the craft.

The lights and glitter (and the money as well) is oriented to mainstream commercial advertising campaigns, while the fame starts with prestigious editorial spreads.

There is a whole world of modeling outside of those two realms, and I have a lot of respect for models and creative talent who persevere in other specialty and genre areas.

Do you have a concept and need to get heard?  Fill in the form after the jump, I promise you will get looked at.

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OyOy’s Casting List – Project Listings for Freelance/Direct Bookings

For certain projects freelance / direct book models can be used, this post on our blog site is where these are maintained.  We offer a number of lower cost options to manufacturers, emerging designers, boutique designers and ateliers in need of quality images for their promotion and sales activities, plus editorial.

If you are looking to set up a Test Shoot with OyOy please go here.

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  • Feb-March 2013 OyOy is heavily booked for lookbook shoots related to designers deciding their lines during Fashion Weeks.  If you will be in Miami-South Beach during February and would be available for relatively informl lookbook shoots please just use the general casting option in the form below, and be sure to specify that you are ‘in town’ in South Beach during the Month of February 2013.

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