Advertising and Commercial Photography: Fashion-Fitness-Glamour-Swimwear


This is Oy Oy (photographer) and my network of creative artists – hair, makeup, wardrobe and everyone else who make the world of fashion and photography beautiful. Welcome!

I am a European guy with  experience and know-how to create images that advertisers and agencies want. I started out in New York City for 2 years.  I then moved back to Europe (France, Italy) for most of my life before recently setting up shop in Miami South Beach – Florida USA.

Language Fluency: English | Français | Italiano

Production Capabilities

Our still photography is produced in-studio or on-location.  Either option is available anywhere in the world.

Large and complex production projects are smoothly managed on behalf of our clients.

South Florida – Location Productions

In South Florida we maintain access to databases of a vast range of locations available for shooting which exemplify the perceived tropical lifestyle – but also a host of additional  settings – with a surprising range from cattle ranches to south pacific scenes.

South Florida – Studio Productions

In our local South Florida market controlled environment productions are generally organized either in South Beach Miami SoBe or in Midtown Miami MiMo.

South Beach – We shoot fashion In the heart of Miami’s South Beach.  South Beach offers close proximity to world class production support facilities ranging from model agencies to lighting equipment, laboratories and creative talent.

Small Projects

Small, or low-budget productions may be handled in The PAT Studio on 8th Street in Miami-South Beach.  This is fine for single model with no set requirements against a blank wall, including magazine cover shots, or location shoots requiring a base of operations for makeup, hair, wardrobe prep, etc. Suitable for production teams  up to about 5 people.

Fitness magazine Cover Shoot in The PAT Studio. Model: Sofia Venanzetti | Hair Stylist Nato VanDine | Makeup Artist Ruthie Tuffat

Medium Productions

Medium size productions are handled in studios on Miami-South Beach, we have a number of options suitable for support teams up to about 10-15 people.

OyOy shoots Muriel Villera in studio on Miami – South Beach | Model: Muriel Villera – Wilhelmina | Hair and Makeup: Christian Molina

Large Productions

Midtown Miami –  Larger productions are handled about 20 minutes drive from South Beach in Midtown Miami.  These facilities have full studio and back-lot set construction facilities.


2 responses

  1. US2012C0437
    Hey, I’m interested in the yacht shoot on April 23, Miami Beach.
    The only issue is that 23rd is the date of my arrival. So I’ll be in Miami Airport only around noon.
    In case you’re interested anyway, let me know.

    March 14, 2012 at 16:52

    • The submission application for castings (where you can include this information) is at this link
      Good luck!

      March 14, 2012 at 20:36

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