Advertising and Commercial Photography: Fashion-Fitness-Glamour-Swimwear

OyOy Shoots Runway

OyOy Shoots Runway: Walla (Bahrain)

OyOy Shoots Designer Walla on the Runway (Bahrain)

Shooting runway is tough for a fashion photographer –  we cannot control the lighting, pose or composition of the image.  Some even compare it as close to sports photography.

After the jump, some of my runway work.

Designer: Pais del Sol (Ecuador)

OyOy Shoots Designer Pais del Sol (Ecuador) on the Runway

Designer:Rosario Vargas (Bolivia)

OyOy Shoots Designer Rosario Vargas on the Runway (Bolivia)

Designer: Art of Shade

OyOy Shoots Designer Art of Shade on the Runway (USA)

Designer: Zula Khramov (Russia)

OyOy Shoots Designer Zula Khramov on the Runway (Moscow, Russia)

Designer: Zella Machado (Brasil)

OyOy Shoots Designer Zella Machado on the Runway (Brasil)

Designer: Jackie Carvajal (Ecuador)

OyOy Shoots Designer Jackie Carvajal on the Runway (Ecuador)


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