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Model Scouting Photosessions by OyOy

Miami Beach photographer OyOy in the PAT Studio Miami-South Beach

Fashion photographer OyOy photographs Wilhelmina model Muriel Villera

OyOy regularly shoots Model Scouting Photosessions in Miami-South Beach to enable new and working models to gain or expand exposure in the modeling industry – either to arrange representation or expand the model’s client base.

In a simple and streamlined format, models or prospective models have a pro photoshoot with hair and makeup.  Read more about the session after the jump.

These Model Scouting Photosessions are managed jointly by OyOy and (in cooperation with Production Paradise) and are designed for New Faces as well as Professional Models.  ‘New Faces’ are models just starting the journey to establish  a career in modeling.

The photographs from the Photosession are directly uploaded to Model Management, where they are search highlighted and made visible to over 2,400 international model and casting agencies worldwide.

The photographic style is designed to help you as a model be seen in the way that model agencies want to see you.  Photos are shot in a fresh, natural and professional light – and not with overstyled hair or makeup.  This gives the model – whether looking to the local or  international market – an improved chance of being noticed by the people who matter, being taken seriously, and actually working in the model industry.

For New Faces

Model agencies around the world are continuously looking for new faces.  Model Management makes this process easier and more manageable for the agencies to find new talent.  Registering for a Model Scouting Photosession gives a New Face a number of benefits:

  • Provides New Faces with a set of low cost, but high quality professional shots, which are used to connect them with model agencies
  • To help future models with those crucial first steps into the industry
  • Six months of alerts to model agencies by Model Management
  • Purchasing a Model Scouting Photosession upgrades your Model Management membership to ‘verified’ status
  • Prioritized listing in model agency search results

For Professional Models

Model Management helps professional models to be seen on an international level by model agencies other than their own and in new countries and markets.

  • Provides Professional Models with a set of low cost, but high quality up-to-date professional shots, which accompany their existing portfolio
  • To be viewed by some of the most in-demand international model agencies and to get them connected and working
  • Six months of alerts to model agencies by Model Management
  • Purchasing a Model Scouting Photosession upgrades your Model Management membership to ‘verified’ status
  • Prioritized listing in model agency search results

For More Information


To attend or register for a Model Scouting Photosession, click here  and we will get your information from the payment form.  We’ll help you take care of the entire registration and shoot preparation process .

Once registered we will also create your (free or upgraded) profile on and upload your photos into their systems after the shoot.

Upcoming Model Scouting Photosession Dates:

29 May 2012 Tuesday (CLOSED)

12 June 2012 Tuesday – Miami (CLOSED)

20 June 2012 Wednesday – Milano

28 June 2012 Thursday – Saint-Tropez

21 August 2012 – Tuesday – Miami

Photosession Magazine

OyOy and Model Souting Photoshoot Tips Magazine

Read all about the Model Scouting Photosession in the Model Management Magazine by clicking here

Model Management

Miami Beach fashion photographer OyOy and
Based in Barcelona Spain, is an online community-platform that connects new faces (aspiring models) and professional models with reputable agencies, photographers and other industry professionals all around the world, thanks to their powerful database, contacts within the industry and partnership with

Their dedicated team of professionals has a combined 30 years of experience in the modeling industry from the catwalks of Milan, and includes designing model agency IT systems for some of the premier model agencies in Europe.

Production Paradise

Miami fashion photographer OyOy and
Based in Europe, Production Paradise is an essential tool for art buyers, producers, photographers, photographer’s agents and other decision makers worldwide, providing maximum exposure for photography professionals working throughout the industry.  Represented by on the ground Agents working in film and photography worldwide, their expertise and in-depth local knowledge ensures that only the best Photography talent make it onto the Production Paradise systems and listings.

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