Advertising and Commercial Photography: Fashion-Fitness-Glamour-Swimwear

Dazzling Brasilian Bikinis Photographed by OyOy

Brasilian colours on Miami South Beach

OyOy Photographs Brazilian Swimwear on Miami - South Beach

In this post I have a few outtake images from an editorial photoset I shot on Miami Beach.

The brilliant colors of Brazil – yellow, green, blue – are a great contrast for the iconic beaches and deco scenes on cool South Beach.

I spend quite a bit of time in Brasil, mostly in Rio de Janeiro – and the comparisons between South Beach and the beaches of Rio are striking.  Miami is smaller than Rio – but both cities are dominated by the culture of the beach.

More pictures after the jump, all safe for work.

Both Miami – South Beach as well as Rio de Janeiro draw fashion designers from around the world.  Both cities have  great selections of models of epic proportions and superlative shoot locations.

The bikini is the star garment, and is one thing everyone in the fashion business does well in both places.

South Beach Miami Brazilian Bikini Lensed by OyOy

OyOy Shoots Brazilian Bikini on Miami - South Beach



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