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8th Street – Miami South Beach – OyOy’s Place

My PAT Studio is on Eighth Street in South Beach, Miami.  I have to check exactly how many blocks long the street is, but I guess it is about 10 or 12. At the east end is of course the beach and Ocean Drive, and at the west end is Biscayne Bay overlooking the skyline of downtown Miami.

I’ve decided to put together some images of the places and locations along this street that I and my teams, clients and models walk along for our shoots.  I’ll add to this every now and then as I prepare the images.

More images after the jump.

Art deco rooftops on South Beach, 8th Street

Flag atop the building housing the Ritchie Swimwear shop

The Ritchie Swimwear shop is in a block with a really elegant art deco roofline.  I am always happy when my models wear Ritchie bikinis, I love the cut and the styling.


Pink Porch Railing on Eighth Street

I think I need to come back to this old and elegant little porch with a great model and some sort of wardrobe that can  coordinate with the pink colors.

Copper Dome on the Diesel Shop - art deco on 8th Street, Miami South Beach

Copper Dome on the Diesel Shop

The Diesel shop on Eighth Street has a brilliant and distinctive copper colored dome.  Diesel has great garments and of course seriously stylish jeans.  The staff at the shop is brilliant on shoots, and all around great neighbors. Inside the shop I am fascinated always by the full DJ station with two decks.  I think a high point of the year for the staff is the Diesel runway show during Mercedes Benz Fashion Week.

Bamboo Garden on 8th Street

This little bamboo garden is just out the back door of the PAT Studio.  The yellowish color of these tall trees is beautiful.  Reminds me again of a place I need to incorporate into a shoot.


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