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OyOy Shoots Tokyo Harajuku Fashion Style on Miami South Beach

Photographer OyOy Makeup and Hair Christian Molina Wardrobe Joey Rolon

OyOy photographs Japanese Harajuku fashion style

Well, with models Brian Holowicki and the lovely Nema McKinzie having flown in from around the USA for a few days to shoot with me… I had to get busy!

With this talent to photograph I decided to pull together a team to take advantage of options and get an editorial photoset put together.

Woke up my neighbor Christian Molina early in the morning, then got Joey Rolon (another neighbor here on South Beach) onto the team as well. Christian is one of Miami’s top makeup and hair stylists and Joey is one of Miami’s own celebrity wardrobe stylists, especially with his atelier “Funky Sexy Couture”.  With so much talent on-set and all of us free to do anything we wanted, well, we kind of went all the way.

As there were lots of Japanese themed activities going on in South Beach with the various Miami based Japanese organizations, everyone on the creative team had Japan on their minds.  So we decided to ramp up, play along with the Tokyo fashion mood and put together a Harajuku themed fashion shoot.

You can have a look at some results from a long day of work, both in-studio and on-location here in Miami-South Beach.

See more excerpts from this shoot after the jump

“Harajuku Girls” is a term used to describe the fashion style seen in the Harajuku area of Tokyo.  Joey Rolon came up with a look for model Kena McKinzie that is Harajuku Ganguru, and maybe a little bit Cosplay as well.

Harajuku style photoset by fashion photographer OyOy on Miami South Beach

OyOy lenses Kena McKinzie and Brian Holowicki in Harajuku fashion style

Harajuku is  not only the area of Tokyo to see and visit the many shops selling wardrobe and fashion accessories for the style, but it is also definitely a fashion capital of the world. There are many well known designers who started or are inspired from the styles here, and Joey Rolon showed his genius and proof that even in Miami’s South Beach we can get the look as well.

Photographer OyOy photographs the Harajuku fashion styled by Joey Rolon of Funky Sexy Couture

Tokyo's Harajuku fashion style captured by OyOy

A little closer look at the wardrobe above, but below we decided to move location and stop traffic in front of  Joey Rolon’s Funky Sexy Couture boutique.

Photographer OyOy stops traffic on Miami Beach, Washington Ave during a photoshoot

OyOy stops traffic on Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

On Miami’s South Beach we see just about everything (mostly various stages of undress!) but the look put together by wardrobe stylist Joey Rolon positively stopped traffic when we decided to move our production onto Washington Avenue.  Makeup artist and hair stylist Christian Molina was occupied on the sidewalk with the throngs who gathered to take behind the scenes pictures, and then organize all the requests by the audience to have pictures taken with the models.

Fashion photographer OyOy shoots model Kena McKinzie and Brian Holowicki on Miami South Beach

OyOy photographs Tokyo Harajuku fashion style in Miami-South Beach

A lot of credit needs to be given to Christian Molina who worked for almost 4 hours to get the makeup and hair looks done on model Kena McKinzie.  The intricate components required a lot of patience.

Fashion photographer OyOy, model Kena McKinzie, Makeup Artist Christian Molina

OyOy captures Christian Molina on-set building the Harajuku look on model Kena McKinzie

A behind the scenes look at Christian Molina during the preparation and look build of model Kena McKinzie.


All work in OyOy’s PAT Studio and on-location in Miami-South Beach

Photographer: OyOy | Models: Kena McKinzie, Brian Holowicki | Hair and Makeup: Christian Molina | Wardrobe: Joey Rolon

Wardrobe from Funky Sexy Couture and stylists collection


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